Related Products Read More. Barcode Printer , P. Check all the data on the showing screen, if it is correct, click “Finish”. Push down the peel-off mechanism release lever and lead the media under the peeler module. Peel Off Mode Loading Media It decides which setting method – by command or by LCD panel, is prior. Unless changed via panel or command the parameter is saved even if you restart the printer.

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If the ribbon is wrinkled at ribbon supply, rotate clockwise control knob of ribbon supply, to increase ribbon tension at ribbon supply and further improve ribbon wrinkle. Printer finds the first label gap when print head is closed. Do not operate the printer in an area where it might get wet.

Only buyers who purchased the product may leave a review. Do not connect this pin if you use a general host such as a PC. The Prudour News The Barcode Readers Industry is highlights the current market size and future growth potential of the market at the global and regional level with the help of All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

Argox X-3200 Barcode Printer

The X provides outstanding value as it delivers industrial strength high quality printing for a wide range of labels. Do not touch print head surface by bare hands or with any hard equipment.


Scan product name and number from printed bar codes using the barcode reader. Hold both buttons for about 3 seconds and release.

Assemble the related components for both left and right sides.

Related Products Read More. Figure 1 Figure 2 76 B.

Setting Display Language It is applicable with printer models: Printing A Configuration Report Clockwise rotate the screw a half circle and test printing; observe whether the printing quality has been gradually improved or not; and stop the adjustment if the quality is improved. Insert the left side of cutter bracket 7 and secure the two screws 6 to the print module.

Check if the communication cable parallel or serial is connected securely to your parallel or serial port on the PC and to the connector on the printer at the other end.

Making a Barcode Reader Form 1. Select the port of the printer and click “Next”. Don’t have an account? Input the label count and copy count.

Argox X 3200

This utility enables to true type font TTF and load the fonts into printers. Change settings via buttons on panel: The service is supreme. When using a keyboard or barcode reader communicating with a host through the Centronics or serial port is prohibited. However as no port contention is made for this printer, if both PCs transmit data at the same time the data may become damaged in the receiving buffer. The default setting when shipped from Argox factory is shown as Figure 2 — the two arrows are in line with the black line.


Argox X Barcode Printer (end 5/2/ PM)

The shop owner shipped out the goods immediately after payment. Roll-feed, die cut, continuous, fan-fold, tags, ticket in thermal paper or plain paper and fabric label. Check whether you have received the following x–3200 together with the printer.

Connect the Parallel cable, Serial cable, or Ethernet cable to the proper port on the printer and on your computer. All products come with one year limited warranty Three months on all accessories.

Be cautioned that this will reset all printer settings back to defaults; if possible, print the configuration label in advance before reset.