You made my day! Download the following software packages and install in the order listed below: When I uncheck the ControlVault option in the DataProtection driver package, the driver is missing from device manager exclamation mark next to a Broadcom device. Go to the C: Select Biometrics on settings b.

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No desktop or task tray icons will be placed onto the system by default.

Dell Data Protection Access does not contain this function and any data not removed from this feature will be lost. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I, for one, cannot get the fingerprint scanner wnf under Windows 10 on a Dell latitude E And that really drove me nuts.

Select Biometrics on settings b. Going to reset ControlVault. The ControlVault firmware has been updated successfully.

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I could not find a way to back out the driver install, as the uninstall was not sufficient, and ended up reinstalling Windows. The Story of My Woes It took me about an hour or so to get Windows 7 up and running, and most of the drivers working. Louie RP September 1, at 6: I’ll see if I can find my own packages and upload them to dropbox or something Notify me of new windowd by email. I had to mix de,l of this and that, but here is the result: I also installed the controlvault, but did not have to reinstall frzmework restore points were disabled.


Hope it is okay for windows 7. It took me about an hour or so to get Windows 7 up and running, and most of the drivers working. I am not sure whether or not the and are compatible, or what went wrong with the reader.

Getting fingerprint reader working on Dell laptop

I gave up on it. Dell really likes ot make it tricky to get the fingerprint reader working when fra,ework install Windows from scratch.

A slow finger swipe is recommended. Thanks, was looking all over for viometric for my v, as the old DigitalPersona software was long abandoned.

E6400: Enabling Biometric Devices Control Panel by installing WBF fingerprint driver

I would suggest that you contact Dell support. All but the finger print reader. This wizard will guide you through the system setup process. Credential Vault Host Control Service … stopped. Make sure you do so! This was very helpful.

The first time it will ask you to enter your password to verify authentication. You will be told to restart once or twice.


I know exactly how to do this on most other Dell Latitude laptops from and up. Hey Scott — my apologies, but I no longer have the laptop in question.

Uninstalling will not remove it. Will this work in 32 bit windows. With almost all the works no touch screen or SSD drive. Only a member of this blog may post a comment. Even when it was working, the fingerprint login was so slow that it was faster to just type the password.