Just in, large 32×20 engraving area. There you will find purchase prices for raw laserable materials and suggested retail prices for those same products once they have been laser engraved. If you’re looking for a machine loaded with features that also comes at a low price, then the Epilog Mini 18 is exactly what you are looking for. However, this is a Lab, and if you want to experiment with other materials we are only too happy to help. The software for windows seven is a free download from Epilog. If you prefer to have a free-standing system, you can add this wheeled cart specially designed for the Mini Laser line to your machine. Sign up for our popular monthly e-newsletter.

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There is one output port, 4″ in diameter.

Raise and support your cutting materials for better edge quality. Are you a school or university? Yes, the laser is completely safe to operate. When in doubt, buy bigger than you think you might need.

Vector color mapping links speed, power and focus to any RGB color. RAM is kind of like short-term memory.

Epilog Mini 24 Technical Specifications

With computer-controlled cooling fans, the Legend series is the quietest-operating laser system. Didn’t find the answer to your question? The lens is also used for cutting through very thick materials. Designed with features that work together to provide you with great engraving and cutting quality and an economical price.


Epilog Mini 24 Laser System

Since the laser beam is invisible, the Red Dot Pointer on Epilog’s Zing Laser allows you to have a visual reference for locating where the laser will fire. Additionally, our proprietary design provides accurate image scaling without the need to input diameter or circumference calculations. Engraving Concepts Headquarters – Arlington.

We’ve designed the easiest cleanup with a crumb tray that can be removed and emptied of the debris from cutting. Synchronizes the firing of the laser at incredibly small increments of. What equipment is available? You’ll find features that improve connection capabilities, simplify project setup, and much more.

USA 20mm FL 2. Easily map different speed and power settings to different colors in your file in both engraving and cutting modes. Please contact our Applications Lab to discuss your metal-cutting applications and see if they can work with our systems!

Test your speed and power settings by adjusting them directly at the laser system. There is a muni inventory of Epilog lasers on eBay, making it easy for you to get in on the fun.

Do you have a material you would like us to test? User-friendly print driver allows you to control all of the laser’s features from one interface.


Paper Cutting with the Laser Watch as we cut an intricate pattern in paper with the laser. Like these creative Samples?

Epilog Laser | eBay

PhotoLaser Plus takes photo engraving with your Epilog Zing Starter Series laser to the next level by easily processing photos for engraving on all types of materials. Epilog’s optional Air Compressor is available to work with the included Air Assist features of the laser systems. Designed to last the life of the system without the inevitable wobble and replacement of plastic bearings.

Specially designed for our entire line of Elite lasers, it has been built to accommodate a large variety of shapes and sizes. You simply won’t find more feature-filled systems than those in the Legend series.

Epilog Legend Series: Epilog Mini 18, 24 and Helix

Architectural Scale Model of Belfast. High-speed, continuous-loop, DC servo motors using linear and rotary encoder technology for precise positioning. Talk to our customers on our Facebook Fans mii.