Perhaps you need some more snuggle time with a certain craven member of Colligan’s BoyToys? You and your knowledge are, for that I am very appreciative. Message 8 of So it is important to me to try what ever I can to recover, at least this data. This is one of the most pleasant business experiences I have ever had.

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Thanks for the freebee. He took on the challenge of repair to a 10 year old Palm Centro, walked me though the steps on my end, executed repairs on his end in only a couple of days, guided me through software installation, and followed up.

And I don’t ever care to go through this again. Yes, my password is: Know what you are going through, had been fighting with this for a week too If you have the 64 bit OS you will need the driver below and once it lifedribe installed your Palm will hotsync with your computer just as previous systems. Be well, Bruce Brookings, OR. You can Hotsync from up to 35 ft away from your computer with Bluetooth and even farther with Wireless.

Installed Bluetooth and there is communication between the PC and the Palm.


Palm lifedrive software and Windows 7

Your help with the information you provided to getting my Palm Desktop to synchronize with my Palm Tungsten E2 palm pilot on my 64 bit Windows 7 is significantly appreciated. The following comments winsows owned by whoever posted them. Driver works great with my Centro and Tungsten WT5. Did he actually use the device or did he just have someone from Palm write the review for him?

A mobile OS should be all about speed, simplicity, ease of use, rapid presentation of data, stability, flexibility, and ease of application development. To make sure we have a good copy of the current registry, we need to do a backup of the Registry. Then things started to go according to instructions.

Aceeca Releases bit Palm OS Hotsync Drivers

Then reinstall your Palm desktop from the CD and do a hotsync. Communicating privately, outside of the Forum, would defeat the purpose of this being a peer-to-peer user forum where everyone can learn and benefit from user’s issues and solutions.

Do you see the reason for my hesitancy? How did I miss that info? If you are running Windows 7, 8, 10 or Vista bit software, follow these 3 steps to get Hotsyncing running again. Se instala siguiendo las intrucciones. While the driver is primarily intended to work with the company’s Garnet-based handhelds such as the new PDA32Aceeca is encouraging unsupported testing on other Palm OS devices running some version of Garnet i. Hook Aug 10, What a horrible, horrible device.


I checked the LifeDrive forum and didn’t see anything that would be particularly helpful. It was just as bad. The Palm smartphone reboot is shaping up to be disappointing scjjttAug 8,in forum: Aceeca has two Garnett devices available and will have two more in the near future. I have not been able to locate anyone that can retreive any data from that machine.

Check this box to confirm you are human. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Whew, WyreNut that is a lot to digest.

Now you want to uninstall Palm Desktop livedrive remove everything that has to do with Palm Desktop from your computer. Or would that be a violation of protocol?

Message 39 of