NetAgent Mini is an ultra-compact, light and fast tool to remotely monitor and manage any UPS system. BX and DX firmware 3. SNMP v2c, V2 trap. ClientMate for MAC v6. If you are using version 2. UPS PhoenixTec protocol restored to old version.

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In that way, the system will finish the backup program before the server shuts down. This allows user to monitor environment temperature, humidity, detect presence of water, as well as connect to a range of security sensors. What is the possible cause if the settings are correct but the UPS service cannot start?

Applicable for NetProbe2 as well. Please make sure no other process uses the same serial port as the software. CX 3-port internal card. Enable the Low Battery Signal, select Negative. No such file or.

megatec(8) – Linux man page

You can get into the system if the process if interrupted. New function – “Test until Battery Capacity below. If you now have V2. negatec


After a reboot the following error occured: This problem caused by the older version file “bwcc. UPSilon supports all Linux with core version later than 2. D T internal card D T external card. If your NetAgent Firmware is either V1. When i click on it says: I have tried some special settings with the same results. Support multi-user management, event logs and data log downloads.

Technical Support

Insert in the top of the line rups or rupsii and then save file. MSNswitch is designed to automatically power-cycle its outlet when either; a the internet connectivity is lost, or b the network device crashes.

SNMP v2c, V2 trap. Find out about the most frequently asked questions and answers about our product here. The UPSilon for Windows will auto detect the OS current language and is available in the following language more added progressively.

Equipped with master switch and protected by circuit breaker.


This power nerve centre gives you control over your electrical devices either through a network connection, modem dial-up or a telephone. What is the problem? Saving fax to USB dongle issue.


Modbus on RS BY model only 4. NetAgent9 firmware based on the functionalities of NetAgent7 v2.

Please download the firmware of your NetAgent Model at http: No such file or directory. I would like to find out if the UpSilon supports all version of Linux. The following software upgrades are provided to MegaTEC customers for free. User to program own interface.